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AB Motala Verkstad Patents
AB Motala Verkstad
Motala, SE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4266925 Apparatus for surface embossing man-made lignocellulosic board May 12, 1981
Apparatus for embossing preformed particle board retains the board in a desired position after insertion between a first and a second press plate (4;3) in a press and releases after pressing the board from the press plates. The product (7) is sucked tight against the first press plate (4
4166499 Method and an apparatus for preventing deposits in a process water system for a gas generator pl September 4, 1979
A gas generator plant with a gas generator and a process water system for cooling or scrubbing liquid comprises at least one heat exchanger for transferring heat to the process water. The plant has a pressure controlling means in the conduits for the process water connected to the he
4103611 Stroke-limiting arrangement in a multi-cylinder hydraulic press August 1, 1978
Apparatus for maintaining the relative spacing of the pressure surfaces in a multi-cylinder press at a predetermined value greater than the desired minimum spacing during the pressing operation, and including liquid supplying means for a press cylinder, a liquid discharge valve and a
4062254 Device for tightening, prestressing and untightening a threaded joint December 13, 1977
A device for tightening, prestressing and untightening a threaded joint has a body for mounting around a nut in the joint. The body is provided with pistons, actuated by pressure medium for providing an elastic elongation of a screw in the joint. Inclined planes are arranged to convert t
3994418 Method of feeding material to a gas generator November 30, 1976
This disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for feeding material to a gas generator. A cell feeder is provided for preventing backflow of gases through the feeding apparatus from the gas generator. The cell feeder includes a housing having an axial passage extending therethrough de

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