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D393705 Container for plastic foil for the handling of filter bags April 21, 1998
D390455 Cartridge for use with a filter bag February 10, 1998
D337280 Probe for air flow measurements July 13, 1993
6726020 Method and device for a dry cleansing plant for aluminum reduction furnaces exhaust gas April 27, 2004
Methods and apparatus are provided, which separate out at least a portion of fine dust, including fluoride, from recycled alumina. The difference in natural drop velocity and flow properties of fine and coarse particles is used to effect the separation.
6562095 Filtering apparatus for air treatment apparatus May 13, 2003
A filtering apparatus for an air treatment apparatus (5), a superior purity of the filtered air being required. The apparatus has a plurality of filter cartridges (3), provided with filters (2) and inserted into one cassette (4) each. The cassettes are fastened in the air treatment a
6508994 Method and apparatus for cleaning flue gases January 21, 2003
A method and an apparatus for cleaning flue gases with particulate slaked lime are described. In the method, burnt lime is dry-slaked with water to a moisture content of at least 5% by weight, and the slaked lime is contacted with the flue gases within 1 minute of the slaking. Preferably
6406524 Plant for removing fluor containing waste gases June 18, 2002
A decentralized cleaning plant for dry cleaning by removing fluorine containing waste gases from a reduction process in several electrolytic cells for aluminum, comprising: a storing place for aluminum oxide; a transportation system to distribute aluminum oxide from the storing place
6306357 Process and apparatus for absorbing hydrogen sulphide October 23, 2001
A process and an apparatus in black-liquor evaporation for the selective removal, by liquid absorption, of hydrogen sulphide from the generated gas (3) containing hydrogen sulphide as well as carbon dioxide, an disclosed. In the process, the gas is counter-currently brought into multista
6273926 Cleanroom filter unit August 14, 2001
A filter unit for airtight attachment to a framework of a cleanroom ceiling includes a filter, a circumferential wall surrounding the filter, and a downwardly projecting sealing knife to be received in a sealant containing groove formed in said framework. The sealing knife includes verti
6200215 Fan module for clean room applications March 13, 2001
A fan module for clean room applications, comprising outer, vertical restriction walls (5) with a lower edge part (6) having a planar lower surface (7) as well as an element (9) protruding from the outer edge of the planar lower surface for cooperation with a filter docking module (2)
6167984 Device and a method for sound reduction in a transport system for gaseous medium and use of the January 2, 2001
A device and a method for achieving sound reduction within a frequency band in a transport system for gaseous medium, the transport system being arranged between an inlet, which is connected to a sound source, and an outlet. The transport system comprises with a plurality of interconnect
6125606 Beam construction in ceilings of clean air rooms October 3, 2000
A beam construction for ceilings in clean rooms, comprising first (1) and second (2) beams. The first and second beams are arranged essentially horizontally and perpendicularly to each other and have longitudinal ducts (7) for receiving a liquid or viscous sealant. In order to facilitate
6092304 Blow box for use in a plant for drying a material web July 25, 2000
A blowbox for use in a plant for drying a material web includes an essentially horizontal box wall having formed therein circular orifices and eyelid perforations each of which includes a slit extending in parallel with the center line of the upper box wall. A depression is formed m
6051054 Method for separating dust from hot process gases April 18, 2000
A method and apparatus for separating dust from hot process gases. The process gases are passed via a gas inlet duct through a dust separator, in which dust is separated from the process gases, part of the separated dust being conducted to a device for agglomeration of the dust. Subseque
6033639 Method for cleaning process gases March 7, 2000
A method for cleaning process gases is provided, in which a sorbent is supplied to the process gases for reaction with gaseous pollutants that are present therein, thereby forming particulate reaction products which are separated in a subsequent particulate separator, and in which the
6022388 Device for cleaning filter elements February 8, 2000
A device for cleaning filter elements, such as filter bags, having upper open ends, in a filter installation for filtering polluted gas. The gas passing, during operation, from the outside and through said filter elements, in which installation filter elements are juxtaposed in a plu
5966837 Wood drying plant and a method of purifying a drying gas from a wood drying device October 19, 1999
The device relates to a wood drying plant comprising a wood drying device and a purifying device which is arranged to receive a drying gas from the wood drying device, the drying gas comprising water steam and volatilized organic components such as terpenes, and to purify the drying gas
5931989 Device in an electrostatic precipitator for the suspending, controlling and rapping of collectin August 3, 1999
A device in an electrostatic precipitator for suspending, controlling and rapping one or more collecting electrodes arranged essentially vertically in one or more substantially parallel rows includes, for each row, a substantially horizontally oriented carrier element, to which the upper
5917065 Cyclone June 29, 1999
A cyclone for treating a gas flow (F) containing dust comprises a cyclone chamber (1) of circular cross section and having a vertical axis, and a central tube (7) of circular cross section, which is coaxially arranged in the upper portion of the cyclone chamber (1). An elongated insert e
5887973 Device for mixing particulate material and liquid March 30, 1999
A device for mixing particulate material and liquid comprises a container (1), an inlet (9) for the introduction of particulate material (P1) into the container (1), a spraying means (15, 16) for spraying liquid over the particulate material in the container, an agitator (17, 17', 22, 22
5885539 Method for separating substances from a gaseous medium by dry adsorption March 23, 1999
The treatment, through a dry adsorption process, of a gas from a hot electrolytic process for aluminum production comprises at least two stages. Particulate aluminum oxide (the adsorbent) passes through the stages of the adsorption process countercurrently to the gas. Thus, the gas i
5855923 Device for levelling a particulate material web January 5, 1999
A device for levelling a particulate material web (3), such as a wood-fibre mat laid out on a wire (2) and intended for the production of wood-fibre boards, the material web being moved in relation to the device, comprises a rotary shaft (4) and a plurality of elliptic discs (6) mounted
5846303 Scrubber for cleaning exhaust air contaminated with paint particles December 8, 1998
The invention concerns a scrubber for cleaning work area exhaust air polluted with particles, in particular exhaust air containing particles of paint from a paint spray booth. The scrubber has a flow duct (5), defined in cross section by two opposite duct walls (7). The flow duct (5)
5816003 Clean-room wall October 6, 1998
A clean-room wall including vertically extending wall profile members (2,4,6) against which one or several wall panels (10) are mounted. In their sides, facing the interior (14) of the room, the profiles are formed substantially parallel with the wall extending flanges (8) against which
5762548 Treatment cubicle and a method of ventilating a treatment cubicle June 9, 1998
A method and apparatus of ventilating a treatment cubicle such as a painting or spraying cubicle used for painting items such as vehicle bodies. Wherein fresh air to be supplied to the cubicle is supplied via an air-permeable ceiling (1); and air supply chamber (2) is provided above
5752998 Water-spray separator May 19, 1998
A water-spray separator for purifying particle-polluted discharged air (9) from a working area, especially for purifying discharged air containing paint particles from a spray-painting booth, with a flow duct adjacent to the working area and with a cross-sectional extent set by two space
5738337 Poppet damper in exhaust gas duct April 14, 1998
The present invention provides a poppet damper, disposed in an exhaust gas duct, which makes it possible to perform an easy machining for providing a sealing surface and which provides excellent sealing following deformation caused by heat. The poppet damper includes a damper seat, dispo
5725669 Car body surface treatment device March 10, 1998
In a simple car body surface treatment device, the car body (16) is brought into and taken out of the treatment bath (1) exclusively by rotation of a revolving device (2). The car body (16) arranged on a loading carriage (11) is detachably connected to the revolving device (2). In additi
5725102 Method and device for separating heavy particles from a particulate material March 10, 1998
In a method for separating heavy particles from a particulate material containing such heavy particles, use is made of a device having a Coanda sifter, which is adapted to receive a flow of the particulate material and which has a downwardly-facing, convexly single-curved surface (9), an
5711088 Device for recuding the effects of the tendency of a paper web to adhere to a drying cylinder in January 27, 1998
A device is arranged in the drying section of a papermaking machine for reducing the effects of the tendency of a paper web (4) to adhere to a drying cylinder (1) as it passes from the drying cylinder to a subsequent guide roll (2). In the drying section, the paper web (4), supported by
5707422 Method of controlling the supply of conditioning agent to an electrostatic precipitator January 13, 1998
A method for use in an electrostatic precipitator unit, of controlling, with a view to cleaning an incoming dust-laden gas, the supply of conditioning agent to the incoming contaminated gas upstream of the precipitator unit. The precipitator unit includes discharge electrodes and col
5693301 Method for removing sulphur dioxide from a gas December 2, 1997
A method for removing sulphur dioxide from a gas, such as a flue gas, is disclosed. In the method, the sulphur-dioxide-containing gas is conducted upwards through at least one layer of aqueous absorbent suspension, whose absorbent is lime or limestone, the volume of the suspension layer
5657555 Process and hot-air dryer for dying coated surfaces August 19, 1997
In a process for drying coated surfaces in a hot-air dryer, part of the hot air in the dryer is continuously circulated therein as a secondary air stream which is mixed with a primary air stream heated to above the drying temperature (T.sub.max). This reduces the quantity of hot air to b
5651822 Vehicle body surface treatment apparatus July 29, 1997
In order to create a simple car body surface treatment device, a car body is introduced into and removed again from the treatment bath (11) simply by being rotated by a rotating device (2), at the same time as another car body is pushed onto and secured to said rotating device or conveye
5641124 Apparatus for cleaning gas June 24, 1997
A nozzle (12a, 12b, 12c) for atomizing a liquid, optionally containing suspended dry matter, through use of compressed gas, comprises, an inlet (32b) for liquid, an inlet (31b) for compressed gas, and an outlet (41) for gas mixed with finely divided liquid, as well as an intermediate
5639294 Method for controlling the power supply to an electrostatic precipitator June 17, 1997
Method for controlling, in case of flashover between electrodes in an electrostatic precipitator, the current supply to the electrodes from a controllable high-voltage direct-current source. The current supplied to the precipitator and the voltage between the electrodes of the precip
5624648 Method and apparatus for cleaning flue gas April 29, 1997
A method and apparatus for cleaning a flue-gas stream containing hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide are disclosed. The flue gas is treated in a wet cleaner (5), thereafter injected with lime (9) and filtered through a filter (13). The method and apparatus are distinguished by the fact
5582634 Method and apparatus for cleaning a gas December 10, 1996
A method and an apparatus for cleaning a gas containing pollutants, such as hydrogen chloride and heavy metals, are described. The polluted gas (2) is contacted with an aqueous washing liquid (3) in a scrubber (1), whereupon part of the washing liquid is preevaporated in a preevaporation
5573183 Method and apparatus for heating building and ventilation air November 12, 1996
A method and apparatus for heating room space of a building. According to the invention, heat is conveyed from district heating water to a heating liquid of heating circuits for heating the building, tap water and supply air of ventilation. According to the invention, the heating circuit
5551838 Inlet bell for centrifugal fans September 3, 1996
Inlet bell for centrifugal fans having an impeller (15, 24) with a cover plate (14, 23), the inlet bell opening into the cover plate with an intervening gap (I) for recirculation air, wherein the inlet bell (11, 20) is provided with a conical inlet part (12, 21), tapering towards the
5545011 Angle adjustable vane suspension August 13, 1996
A vane suspension for angle adjustable mounting of a vane (6) in a hub (1), comprising a seat (3) in the hub and a mounting part on the vane (6). The mounting part on the vane comprises a stud (16) and a shoulder (17) provided at the end of the stud with a partly spherical contact surfac
5533706 Valve arrangement July 9, 1996
A valve arrangement includes a valve housing having a circular cylindrical portion in which is formed a valve chamber, a control valve and a valve member. The valve chamber has an inlet adapted to be connected to a pressure-medium source for allowing pressure-medium to flow into the valv
5477464 Method for controlling the current pulse supply to an electrostatic precipitator December 19, 1995
The present invention relates to a method for controlling, in an electrostatic precipitator unit comprising discharge electrodes and collecting electrodes between which a varying high voltage is maintained, a pulsating direct current supplied to these electrodes. In the method accord
5474597 Method and device for gas cleaning or gas cooling December 12, 1995
In a method for cleaning polluted gas and/or cooling of hot gas, and a device for carrying out the method, the gas is contacted with finely divided liquid. The finely divided liquid is supplied in the form of essentially umbrella-shaped shells or essentially linear curtains, in a reg
5460569 Air supply housing arrangement for paint spray booths October 24, 1995
An air conditioning system for a paint spray booth is located entirely within the booth below the paint application zone for supplying a modified temperature, humidity, and/or filtrated air to the application zone.
5427565 Method and device for cleaning fan impellers June 27, 1995
In a method of cleaning fan impellers bursts of solid material are discharged towards the impeller blades or other parts of the impeller, subjected to deposits, by pulses of compressed air, shot from a compressed air cannon. A device for cleaning fan impellers includes at least one c
5426975 Method and apparatus for determining the total flow rate in a ventilation installation June 27, 1995
A method and apparatus for determining the total flow rate of air flowing through a ventilation installation with a free suction fan (15) is described. The flow rate or a corresponding pressure is determined by measurement of the partial flow rate or a corresponding pressure at at le
5350296 Method and device for cooling a rotary kiln September 27, 1994
In a method for cooling a rotary kiln having a cylindrical outer jacket, cooling air is blown at high speed radially towards the jacket from an annular supply-air chamber surrounding the jacket and having a perforated inner wall which is located at a slight distance from the jacket and
5339688 Device for measuring a gas flow, and method for using the device August 23, 1994
A device for measuring a gas flow (F) has a measuring body (1) in the form of a cylinder, and a heating device (12) for heating the measuring body. A slot (5) extends axially into the cylinder from one end thereof so as to divide a first portion of the cylinder into two symmetrical halve
5295310 Method for drying a particulate material March 22, 1994
In a method for drying a particulate material, the material is supplied into a first drying conduit where it is dried and transported to a first cyclone by means of drying air. The material is separated from the drying air in the first cyclone. The separated material is supplied into a s
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