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A. Ahlstrom Patents
A. Ahlstrom
Noormarkku, FI
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5319902 Mass tower and method of making the same June 14, 1994
A mass tower for medium or high consistency fiber suspension includes a vertically elongated circumferential side wall defining a space for receiving the fiber suspension. The bottom portion of the mass tower is filled with a material in an amount and of sufficient strength, preferably
5279709 Method and apparatus for improving the control and treatment of fiber suspension flow January 18, 1994
A method and apparatus for controlling the flow of a fiber suspension having a direction of flow and a consistency from 5-25% including a treatment chamber having an axis extending in the direction of flow of the fiber suspension, a suspension inlet and a suspension outlet opposite the
4953607 Multistage evaporating system September 4, 1990
A thermal system includes a plurality of heat exchangers in series and the same number of flash tanks in series is interposed between two subsequent effects of a multiple effect evaporating system for sulfate black liquor. The liquor is indirectly heated in the heat exchangers by vapor p

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