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3PARdata, Inc. Patents
3PARdata, Inc.
Fremont, CA
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7191304 Efficient and reliable virtual volume mapping March 13, 2007
A snapshot tree structure includes a base volume storing a current user data, a first snapshot descending from the base volume, and a second snapshot descending from the first snapshot, wherein the second snapshot was created prior to the first snapshot. The first snapshot includes a
7165156 Read-write snapshots January 16, 2007
A chain of snapshots includes read-write snapshots descending from a read only snapshot. The read only snapshots presents a constant view of the data at the time the read only snapshot is created, and the read-write snapshot starts with the view but can be modified by the user without
7162654 Isolation of I2C buses in a multiple power domain environment using switches January 9, 2007
A disk enclosure includes a first enclosure controller powered by a first voltage circuit and coupled to a first I2C bus, a second enclosure controller powered by a second voltage circuit and coupled to a second I2C bus, and a switch coupled between the first and the second I2C buses.
7155635 Handling link failures in remote mirroring applications using snapshots December 26, 2006
A method for resynchronizing a primary volume in a primary system and a secondary volume in a secondary system over a network includes, when a network connection between the primary system and the secondary system is interrupted, creating a snapshot of the primary volume and determining
7146521 Preventing damage of storage devices and data loss in a data storage system December 5, 2006
A data storage system and method capable of reducing the operating temperature of the data storage system, removing any overheating storage devices from operation, reconstructing data, and evacuating data from the overheating storage devices before the devices and the data are damaged
7124324 Method of testing fiber channel ports in a storage server at full bandwidth without connection t October 17, 2006
A data storage system includes a plurality of disk drives for data storage. A storage server controls the reading and writing of data to the disk drives. The storage server can be tested prior to connecting the disk drives and other components of the data storage system by connecting
7111157 Spurious input detection for firmware September 19, 2006
A system and method for detecting and handling spurious input are disclosed. In one embodiment, upon receipt of an interrupt signal, a device activates command and keystroke timeouts. The keystroke timeout may have a shorter duration than the command timeout and may be reset upon rec
7100089 Determining differences between snapshots August 29, 2006
A method is provided for synchronization of a backup copy of a volume of memory represented by a snapshot tree. The snapshot tree includes a plurality of snapshot volumes, each snapshot volume corresponding to a respective snapshot of the volume of memory. The method comprises the fo
7093278 Remote console for monitor and control of system firmware August 15, 2006
A system and method are provided for permitting a console to be connected to an external port of a first node for monitoring and controlling the first node in a default mode. The first node may also operate in a terminal mode in which an internal port of the first node is connected to
7058957 Cluster event notification system June 6, 2006
A method for notifying events to a node in a cluster includes (1) receiving a first event message and a second event message, (2) queuing the first and the second event messages, (3) sending the first event message to a first service callback, wherein the first service callback calls
7036033 Disk enclosure with multiplexers for connecting 12C buses in multiple power domains April 25, 2006
A disk enclosure includes a first plurality of I2C elements powered by a first power domain and a second plurality of I2C devices powered by a second power domain. The first plurality of I2C elements are coupled via a first I2C bus and the second plurality of I2C elements are coupled via
7032093 On-demand allocation of physical storage for virtual volumes using a zero logical disk April 18, 2006
In one embodiment of the invention, a virtual volume is divided into "filled" and "empty" virtual volume (VV) regions. Empty VV regions are mapped to a special zero logical disk that does not consist of any physical disk regions. When a host writes to an empty VV region, a logical di
6973484 Method of communicating data in an interconnect system December 6, 2005
A method is provided for communicating data in an interconnect system comprising a plurality of nodes. In one aspect, the method includes: issuing a command packet from a first node, the command packet comprising a respective header quadword and at least one respective data quadword for
6965957 Automatic cluster join protocol November 15, 2005
A method for new nodes to join a cluster in a serial sequence includes (a) a new node transmitting a first type of request to join the cluster and (b) the new node determining if it has to back off the first type of request. The new node has to back off if (1) it has received a second ty
6833995 Enclosure having a divider wall for removable electronic devices December 21, 2004
An enclosure is disclosed for housing multiple electronic devices. In one embodiment, the enclosure includes a chassis having a floor and opposing sidewalls. Discrete first and second midplanes, each having an opening formed therein, may be disposed in an interior portion of the chassis
6833634 Disk enclosure with multiple power domains December 21, 2004
A disk enclosure includes a first group of one or more power sources that powers a first group of elements in a first power domain and a second group of power sources that powers a second group of elements in a second domain. The disk enclosure also includes a first voltage circuit and a
6823442 Method of managing virtual volumes in a utility storage server system November 23, 2004
A method is provided to allow a system administrator of a utility storage server to provision virtual volumes several times larger than the amount of physical storage within the storage server. A virtual volume is a virtual representation of multiple disks as a single large volume to a
6677831 Differential impedance control on printed circuit January 13, 2004
A new method to control differential signal trace impedance allows flexible use of different signal trace width and spacing while maintaining constant differential impedance in printed circuit boards. Differential impedance of a signal pair is determined by the geometry of individual tra
6658478 Data storage system December 2, 2003
A data storage system includes a plurality of nodes for providing access to a data storage facility. Each node has a computer-memory complex to provide general purpose computing for the node, a node controller to control data transfers through the respective node, and a cluster memory
6657868 Electronic device mount assembly December 2, 2003
An electronic device mount assembly is disclosed for permitting an electronic device to be mounted within an enclosure. In one embodiment, the electronic device mount assembly includes a pair of braces operable to be secured to opposing sides of an electronic device mount assembly. Each
6502702 Rack cabinet and method for making same January 7, 2003
A rack cabinet and a method for making such a rack cabinet are disclosed. In one embodiment, the rack cabinet includes a base member having alignment pins extending therefrom and a bracket having alignment holes, which mate with the alignment pins. One or more rails may then be secured

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